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After Dark …

Nighttime adventure comes to YesterLand Farm, offering spooky fun for the family! We cannot tell you everything, or it would not be a surprise! There is no gore or horror. Here’s a flavor of what you can expect …


Swamp Zombie Paintball 

Head across the bridge over the swamp at dusk. Make your way into the old WWII bunker and hunker down behind a paintball gun. Get ready. Watch carefully for the zombies that will certainly emerge from the war artifacts left in the swamp many years ago. Ready? Take aim. Splat! Aim again. The zombies keep coming!

Creepy Corn Maze

It’s dark now. There’s barely a moon out, and it’s not lighting rows and paths in the very eery cornfield. You must keep going. Which way to turn — right or left? What’s that sound!? What happened to the battery in your flashlite? Keep going. Faster and faster to escape!

The Chain Reactor

Seeing is believing. By day it has the innocent look of a chain link fence — the kind that keeps friendly doggies in their yards! But, at night — it’s a rattling experience with fog, wild lights, scary noises and more!

A Horrid Hayride

All aboard for a totally horrid experience. Where is the tractor headed? What’s wrong with the farmer? It’s dark and spooky in the woods and swamp at the edge of YesterLand Farm. Hang on tight to the folks next to you!