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Making it happen …


Our staff party was a blast. Thanks to all of these wonderful folks for helping us host so many visitors to YesterLand Farm this Fall!

Farm Security


Our Rudy appears to be almost as big as this little vintage Studebaker police car that was featured at our annual Classic Car Show at the farm! He does take his job as Chief Security Officer very seriously …

Chalk it up!


What fun this was! Chalk was provided for folks to embellish this vintage car at our Classic Car Show. We’re thinking this needs to be a permanent feature at the farm. A good place to leave messages for friends?

Vintage on Wheels


These are some of the colorful entries to our 2016 Classic Car Show! We love hosting this event … almost as much as collectors of the classics enjoy showing off their beauties. 


The reigning Pumpkin Princess hands out awards and we see that there are lots of smiles to go around.

Mutual Admiration


Who looks like they are enjoying this the most … the calf or the little guy? This is one of the things we love about our farm: Seeing children and animals interact. Sweet!

Cavities Galore


BOOM goes the Candy Cannon … nicknamed the “Cavity Creator”! Yep, we’re shooting candy into the blue skies over Texas!


This is the exciting scramble to collect the candy. It looks like fun — and it is!

Burger Bin


It’s one of the new attractions at Yesterland Farm this season … and what a cutie! This squat little repurposed farm grain bin almost looks like a tin burger with a cone hat! And we love the new Burger Bin sign!

The Dolly Llama


We don’t want to create a traffic jam by letting folks know that the Dolly Llama lives here at the farm this Fall, but she does! We had lots of fun with a recent Facebook contest to give our new llama a name — and Dolly was chosen. She’s so sweet!