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About our Christmas Trees …

Christmas Tree Pricing

Choose & Cut Trees from the Field: $10 per foot

Pre-Harvested Fraser Firs: 3’-4’ $39 — 4’-5’ $49 — 5’-6’ $59 — 6’-7’ $69 — 7’-8’ $79 — 8’-9’ $99 – $109  10’+ are priced by the tree

We offer two different ways for your family to choose the perfect tree. This includes Choose & Cut trees grown here on our farm and pre-harvested trees which are brought in for greater variety. Either way, we will clean it up, bale it and carry the tree to your vehicle. Twine is provided to secure the tree down. Choose & Cut  Trees Tree sizes range from 4’ to 8’ (limited selection on choose & cut trees in the field) How Choose & Cut Works We provide a saw and you head out into the Christmas tree fields to hunt for the size and type Christmas tree that will serve as the centerpiece for your family’s Christmas tradition. You cut it down and bring it up to the tree services area.

Choose & Cut Varieties

Leyland Cypress (Cupressocyparis Leylandii) is an evergreen tree which is frequently used in landscaping. It has soft, flat branches and is blue-green in color. Little fragrance makes this tree a good choice for allergy prone people. Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginianan) is a short-needled pine with pleasant pine fragrance, dense foliage and good growth rates. It has been by far the most widely planted southern Christmas tree over the past three decades and still is the most common species at most farms in the deep South. Blue Ice Cypress It’s a beautiful cultivar of the Arizona cypress with a natural, vivid blue color and a strong but pleasant fragrance. Carolina Sapphire Cypress It has a blue-green color, dense foliage and has the aroma of lemon and mint.


Fraser Fir: Pre-harvested from North Carolina, these #1 grade trees are shipped to YesterLand Farm on a refrigerated truck. They are typically seen in the holiday magazines, as they are so easy to decorate and have such a traditional Christmas tree look. Flocked Trees We have a barn full of snow flocked trees in a variety of sizes. We can also custom flock your choice of tree.  Snow flocking is $6/foot plus the cost of the tree. Tree Stands – We have great tree stands for sale. Ask our Tree Services staff about them.

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands Fresh green wreaths starting at $15 Fresh green garland $2.50/ft to be cut at your desired length.

Christmas Tree Facts and Tips for Care

If it has been longer than two hours since your tree was cut, give it a fresh cut by taking the bottom quarter to half inch off.  Sap seeps from the tree and forms a seal across the bottom of the trunk inhibiting the tree from drawing water.  So this process is important for maintaining your tree as long as possible. After the fresh cut has been applied get your tree in water as soon as possible.  If you are not ready to set up your tree, place it outside in a shaded area, out of the wind and trunk in water. If you have allergy prone family members, rinse the tree off outside with the garden hose and allow it to dry before you bring the tree inside to decorate.  The trees have been growing outdoor with dust and pollen settling in the branches, so just rinse it off.  It makes sense! The tree can draw up to a gallon of water per day for the first several days, and will then take less water as time goes on.  So make sure you keep your tree stand filled with water. Place your tree away from heat sources such as fireplaces or heaters as they will dry it out.  Close any heat vents that are blowing in the general direction of the tree. YesterLand Farm displays the Christmas trees outside, so the sky is the limit!  Whether you prefer a fat or skinny tree, tall or short, it needs to be able to fit.  Consider what size tree your room can accommodate.  Are you rearranging the furniture to have a nice view of your tree?  Is there an electrical outlet close by to plug in lights?  How tall is too tall for your ceiling height?  We have a few measuring poles, but generally just stand beside the tree you like and figure how tall it is based on your height.