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Celebrate at YesterLand Farm!

For a fun time down on the farm, celebrate your child’s birthday or a family event at YesterLand Farm in charming Canton, Texas. Reserve early as parties book up fast! With so much to do and see, your party can be an all-day event! Enjoy the attractions and activities of fun on the farm! We even have printable invitations from our website.

No matter which party package you choose, you are welcome to bring additional seating, your decorations, cake, food and drinks. No alcohol, outside grills, or open flames are allowed.

A toasty Campfire Party

Party Fee $50 … Reserve a campfire site for 4 hours with two picnic tables seating up to 16 people. Bring everything you need for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows (roasting skewers), if you choose. There will be an attendant around to tend to the campfire.  Reserve your Campfire Site today!

Party Pavilion

Party Fee $100 … Reserve the new Party Pavilion for 4 hours with eight picnic tables seating up to 64 people. The Party Pavilion is 25′ x 25′ with a concrete floor, red metal roof and is located in the center of the farm close to the Farm Zoo, Burger Bin and Bertie’s Barn. Perfect for groups. Reserve the Party Pavilion now for your fun event!

It’s a Free Range Party

A party without reservations where you can roam over the whole farm!  Just like chickens, party where you want! There are picnic areas scattered around the farm that are available on a first come, first served basis. If there are 15 or more people in your group and you would like the group discount rate ($1 off per Pass) you must purchase your passes online. Or if you have 14 or less people, you may either purchase passes online or at the gate for the regular rate.


Pricing for guests

Group rate applies to 15 or more people and must be purchased online in order to receive the group discount of $1 off each Pass. If there are 14 or less people, you can either purchase passes online or at the gate for the regular rate.

Admission Choices

Choose from the basic Spring Pass or the Super Spring Pass (Get it all!). Go to the Wildflower Weekends page for details of the attractions offered with each of the different passes.

Party Options

You may decorate for your special event.  There will be other reservations scheduled before and after yours, so please be considerate of your set-up/tear-down time! You are welcome to bring balloons, table cloths, and streamers. Please take 15 minutes to promptly remove all decorations before your party time ends.

Food & Drinks
Concessions are available for purchase at the Burger Bin, Lemonade Stand, SnoCone Cottage and our fun Ice Cream Bike. A cake or cupcakes may be brought in.  A cooler of drinks may be brought in; however, it must not contain glass or alcohol.  Ice cream is allowed, however we are not able to store it for you. Any food that is prepared in advance is allowed. No electricity will be provided. Campfire sites parties must use skewers for cooking. No outside grills or open flames allowed.


Here are the details …

Party Reservations and Deposit
We require advance party reservations to be made online for the Campfire Party packages.

Your Official Guest List
When you (the party host) check in at the “Parties & Groups” shack at Guest Services, please provide the folks there with your final Guest List.  This will allow you and other early arrivals to proceed to the party area.  Only the guests that you are willing to pay for should be included on the Guest List. Any additional guests that are not on your Guest List will be asked to pay their own way at the Spring Pass (during the Wildflower Weekends) price of $11.95 plus tax. Please let the remainder of your party guests that are on the Guest List know ahead of time to check in the day of the party at the Guest Services shack in order to receive their Pass.  Guests ages 2 and under are not required to have a Spring Pass.

To ensure that everyone in your party has a great time gettin’ down on the farm, please consider purchasing a Super Spring Pass for any child (or adult) eligible to enjoy our many amusement rides.  Super Spring Passes can be purchased discounted online or full price the day of your party at any of the Guest Services shack. Guest ages 2 and under are not required to have a Spring Pass, but will need tickets or a Super Spring Pass for rides and other extra-fun farm attractions.

Should a need for cancellation or rescheduling arise, you must contact us via telephone or email at least 21 days prior to your party date in order to switch to a new date/time. The Campfire Party package for $50 is non-refundable within 21 days of the scheduled event. If we are forced to close due to inclement weather, we will contact you to discuss details concerning your party reservation.